Heart-Smile Training (HST) is a loving-kindness meditation
based on the teachings of Mahayana and Zen Buddhism,
which teaches that we are all naturally endowed with boundless
wisdom and compassion.

Loving-kindness meditation in Mahayana Buddhism ultimately aims to
help us realize that each of us is not an isolated, independent being
but connected to the whole universe in oneness.
To love and cherish all things in the universe as we do ourselves; that is loving-kindness.
To cultivate loving-kindness, we first need to awaken the loving-kindness,
inherent in our nature, through various different practices.

Loving-kindness is naturally endowed in our body and mind. It has
the qualities of ease, tranquility, warmth and kindness. As our practice
deepens, we begin to experience the wholeness of self and the world.

HST is one of the practices designed to unlock the loving-kindness
inherent in our true nature. During the practice of HST, we learn how
the practice helps us to experience and realize that our true nature is
peaceful and tranquil as it is, here and now. All HST practices are
designed to awaken the feeling of loving-kindness from within so that
we experience our body and mind overflowing with loving-kindness.

At its core, the HST Retreat program consists of the main Heart-Smile
Training, as well as other practices such as the Heart-Smile Gratitude
and Acceptance, Heart-Smile Movement 33, Heart-Smile Body Scan,
Sound Meditation, and Interviews.

Initially, practitioners are led to more fully relax their body and mind
through the auxiliary trainings of Heart-Smile Gratitude and Acceptance,
Heart-Smile Movement 33, and Heart-Smile Body Scan. Sound meditation
evokes the sense of connection and oneness with others based on
one’s resonating with the vibration of sound. In the ensuing state of tranquility
the feelings of loving kindness from our true nature are revealed.

In the main Heart-Smile Training, we sustain the sensation of warmth
produced from a gentle smile for a certain period, then the sensation
of warmth eventually permeates and fills our whole being.

With a fuller awareness of loving-kindness in our being, we can embrace
all beings with love and kindness, not only those we like and feel intimate
with, but also those we feel indifferent or neutral to, even toward
those we hate. Then we can experience the wholeness within the here and now.