Auxiliary Mediations

Heart-Smile Gratitude and Acceptance

The Heart-Smile Gratitude and Acceptance helps us find relief from our mental burdens,
which are a result of our distorted self-concept, including self-hatred and self-degradation.
It also helps us embrace our body and mind as they are, and feel grateful for all things.

It creates a foundation for loving-kindness meditation by restoring gentleness and kindness for ourselves.

Heart-Smile Movement 33

The Heart-Smile Movement 33 integrates the mindfulness that
recognizes bodily movement, the loving smile and the hand gestures, called mudra, to evoke
warmth and kindness in our whole body and mind.

We perform prostrations rather slowly to cultivate mindfulness of our bodily movements.
With our hands we make mudras to represent the heart, and our face presents a kind and
loving smile. All of these movements should integrate seamlessly like a flowing stream.

Heart-Smile Movement 33 is loving-kindness meditation in action, which stimulates all of
the body to radiate gentleness and kindness, along with the mindfulness meditation
based on our bodily movements. Depending on circumstances, prostration may consist of
3, 7, 21, or 33 prostrations.

Heart-Smile Body Scan

The Heart-Smile Body Scan guides us to permeate our whole body with
warm and gentle feelings of loving-kindness down to the fascia of the whole body to our inner organs,
thereby stimulating warm and kind energy throughout our whole body. It induces deep rest and
relaxation in our body and mind, and helps to relieve the body and mind of pressure and stress.
It can be practiced either sitting or lying down.

The Heart-Smile Body Scan, done in a sitting position, provides warm and kind energy to the fascia of
the whole body, while the Heart-Smile Body Scan in a lying-down position sends feelings of gratitude
and love to each and every organ of our body.

Sound Meditation

In the Sound Meditation, the vibration and resonance of certain sounds stir in us a sense of connection and oneness with others and the universe. With each breath, we concentrate on uttering certain protracted vowel sounds to feel their vibration and resonance. At the end of the sound, we concentrate our consciousness on the chest and feel the sound and vibration of a bell, which is also a part of sound meditation. When the vibration dissipates completely, dwell in mindfulness in the sensation of “full emptiness.” Remain in this state which is the absence of thought; a state revealed in completeness when all information from the five senses, including thought and emotion, suddenly ceases. Out of this true emptiness manifests transcendental existence in the form of loving-kindness and compassion.