Experience and Effects

특징과 효과


Heart-Smile Training is based on Mahayana Buddhism. Therefore, in the following two aspects,
it is different from the loving-kindness meditation inspired by Theravada Buddhism, which utilizes
the recitation of loving-kindness phrases as its core practice.

First, instead of evoking loving-kindness based on the recitation of
loving-kindness phrases, Heart-Smile Training awakens feelings of loving-kindness directly through
the body. Repeating loving-kindness phrases without actual feelings does not necessarily arouse
feelings of loving-kindness.

In Heart-Smile Training, one’s smile facilitates the arousal of feelings of warmth and kindness
in the heart, while the Heart-Smile Movement 33 and Heart-Smile Body Scan permeate and fill
the whole body with abundant feelings of loving-kindness based on bodily movement, sound and touch.

Second, Heart-Smile Training provides us an experience through
which we can understand that we are whole as we are, and the world is perfect as it is.
It is a practice of Mahayana and Zen Buddhism that allows us to experience the kind and loving
nature inherent in our body and mind by helping us experience the fundamental foundation of
peaceful and tranquil consciousness, the source of our thoughts and emotions.


After over 20 of our Three-Day HST Retreats, Heart-Smile Training has received extensively positive
feedback from our participants.
However, in order to provide more valid data which some may deem more trustworthy, the Heart-Smile
Research Institute has decided to reveal only results backed by scientific research.
Based on research done with a control group before and after a retreat, quantitative and qualitative research
has reported the following results:

- Enhancement of self-compassion and self-esteem

- Reduction of feelings of shame and self-judgment

- Increase in ability to control emotions under stress

- Improvement in capacity to relax and have positive feelings

- Reduction of anger and hostility

- Increase in empathy, acceptance, understanding and sense of connection with others

- Increase in capacity to forgive those who have harmed us

- Enhancement of spiritual capacity including inner confidence, sense of connection to the world and meaning of life.