Ven. HyeJu Sunim
Ven. HyeJu Sunim earned her Ph. D. in the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2015. She studied how teachers incorporated contemplative practices in their classroom settings and how teachers actively engaged in constructing and reconstructing their pedagogy by practicing mindfulness with their students. She currently teaches pre-service and in-service teachers at Dongguk University. She is interested in the educational and psychological applications of contemplative practices.
Dr. Sung, Seoung-Yun
Dr. Seoung-Yun Sung currently works as a professor at the Dept. of Counseling Psychology, Seoul University of Buddhism, and is a counseling psychology expert certified by the Korean Psychological Association. With her interest in the Eastern approach to counseling, she has published many papers related to Buddhist practices. She has served as the vice president of the Korean Counseling Psychological Association, and as president of the Person-Centered Counseling Association. She now serves as president of the Eastern Counseling Research Association.
Dr. Park, Sung-hyun
Dr. Sung-hyun Park is a counseling psychologist, meditation practitioner, and meditation researcher. He received his PhD for his research on mindfulness, and thereafter worked to integrate meditation, counseling, and psychotherapy. His major research focuses on the experiences and positive effects of Vipassana, Ganhwa Seon (Korean Zen), and Heart-Smile Training. He has published many papers and has translated works on meditation and psychotherapy. Currently he serves as a professor at Seoul University of Buddhism and works as a full member and supervisor of the Korean Counseling Psychological Association.
Dr. Kim, Byung-jeun
Byung-jeun Kim worked for over 20 years as an expert in consultation on human resource management & development, organizational development, M&A HR, culture and leadership area. Since 2011 he has participated in the program development of Heart-Smile Training based on his personal practice and research. He has cultivated leadership and consulting skills while performing various roles at Kim & Chang, Deloitte Consulting, Mercer Consulting, and Arthur Andersen Consulting. He recently established Mujin Associates to provide solutions for simultaneously realizing creative business accomplishments and personal happiness. He also serves as its CEO. As a human resource specialist and devoted meditator, he wants to contribute to world peace based on developing solutions and sharing knowledge about personnel/organization consulting, mindfulness/compassion, and coaching/psychological counseling.
You, Soon-hyung
Soon-hyung You served for 21 years as a psychology professor at the Republic of Korea Air Force Academy. He has cultivated himself in meditation and spirituality since his retirement. He had long pondered how to relieve the inherent suffering of life and enjoy ultimate happiness through both scientific and philosophical approaches. He then discovered that the answer was in “right livelihood” based on Buddha’s teaching. He has devoted to consistent cultivation of wisdom and mindfulness. Since taking refuge in Buddhism, for the past 20 years he has studied Buddha’s teachings and practiced zen through daily meditation as well as intensive retreats. Based on a firm conviction that enlightenment and compassion are one, he is deeply interested in researching Heart-Smile Traing as an integrative practice. He works as a teacher in the practice of dongsaseop (cooperation with others to lead them to truth), yoga and healing meditation.
Lee, Gyung-ah
Drawn by the question “Who am I?” Gyung-ah Lee began searching for her inner self in 2005, and since then has participated in many practice programs. In particular, she has immersed herself in the study of dream counseling. Since her participation in the 1st HST Retreat in 2011, she has steadily practiced HST and served as a researcher for the program. She also works as an Enneagram instructor, essay teacher and environmental protection instructor, as well as researches teaching materials for essays.
Eunmi Kim, PhD
Having served as a postdoctoral researcher at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University,
Eunmi Kim currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion at Harvard University. She also completed the MBSR Teacher Course at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. As a researcher dispatched to America by the HST Research Institute, she performs research on the globalization of HST and its effect on neurophysiology. Before beginning her scientific research into meditation, she completed Samatha and Vipassana training courses at Pa-Auk Forest Monastery in Myanmar and has taught yoga in Korea and America. After receiving one master’s degree in chemistry and a second in information technology management from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), she worked at LG Chemical Research Park and at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute. She also received a PhD in psychosomatic healing at the Seoul University of Buddhism and worked as a visiting researcher at the Institute of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Seoul National University.
Kim, Soo-sup
Since his initiation into journalism as an economics reporter, Soo-sup Kim has worked in journalism for over 30 years. He has participated in all 20 Three-Day HST Retreats either as a practitioner or researcher beginning with the first retreat in 2011 up to the most recent. He is also active at ROK military Dharma assemblies as a lay minister, sharing his experiences in meditation. At the Korea Economic Daily he served at various times as head of the political desk, the construction/real estate desk and the information technology desk. He later served as CEO of, the online version of the Korea Economic Daily, and as president of the Korea Online Newspaper Association. Currently he is chairman of the Jose Ilbo (Tax Daily).
Kim, Soo-il
With a background in global marketing and business, Soo-il Kim is dedicated to the business affairs of the Buddhist community. After serving as planning manager for the Buddhist Policy Task Force of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, and as executive secretary for the Jogye Order Central Lay Buddhists Association, he now works as the office manager of the Sangdo Zen Center.
Kim, Su-jin
Su-jin Kim had worked as an art & performance coordinator for 10 years. In order to overcome sufferings in her life, she participated in various spiritual programs, including Avatar programs and Ganhwa Seon programs (Korean Zen). In 2010, she has met Ven. Misan Sunim and has learned and practiced Buddhist teachings and Heart-Smile Training (HST). As she has practiced HST, she mastered Autogenes Training programs with mindfulness practices. She currently works as a facilitator of mindful Autogene Training programs and as a researcher and teacher of HST. She is interested in applying Buddhist teaching into her daily lives, so she has created a coffee class that teaches emptiness and interconnectedness through roasting coffee beans and making coffee. She is also currently a farmer in her family carrot farm in Jeju Island and is experimenting a mindful carrot farm project.